GOLDIE LOOKING CHAIN: Cambridge Corn Exchange 27/02/05

Bringing the bass, the bling and the rather large clart in red trackie and upturned plastic sun visor he got at the seaside in South Way-les is none other than the fifty or so instigators of the largest communal smoking session in Cambridge's less than sparkly history. Partying like it's 1983, apparently the year of… erm, cunnie weed and breaking the bread in the back of Burberry Novas, I thank the Lord that, only being four at the time, GLC have brought what appears to be the finest era back to the masses to make them giggle like they just toked on the fattest boombatty to come out of Newport. Can I get a "hoo hoo"?
And the crowd went boom, shake, shake, shake the room. With an explosion of colour, lights, tongue-in-cheek madness and seriously entertaining old skool hip-hop, the infamous Maggot MC and bras raved it up with favourites "Guns…", "Half man, half machine" and "You knows I love you", creating what was definitely the most overwhelming atmosphere I have experienced at the old Corn Exchange in a long while. Proving that Goldie Looking Chain are very clever boys indeed. Whilst they claim they got this far by merely jokes alone, their newfound glory certainly guarantees them the last laugh. Because no-one knows if they are scallys taking the mick out of the middle-of-the-road bourgeois who think they're oh-so-witty to mock the tack that is the new working class phenomenon or trailblazing talent who have seized a well timed golden-and cubic-zirconia-encrusted opportunity to take the mick out of the Chavs that they base their act upon


Still, at the end of the day it doesn't really matter. Because a group that can bring townies and hippies into the same building and make them shout in unison "Your mother's got a penis" know their future is safe as fuck. You knows it.

Anna C.