The Fever have a lot of curly hair between them. And simply sound, to me, pretty much like the New York version of The Killers. This makes them instantly cooler. Notable for their outstanding drummer and extremely passionate front man, they were very interesting to watch; a few people even bopped and proceedings were briefly enlivened. However, I still couldn't help thinking that they were a strange choice of support for a band so obliterating.
Because Death From Above 1979 have left my hearing totally impaired. My ears are still ringing three days later. The reason I forgive them is because, from seeing this duo knock the little rocking socks off a fairly lacklustre Oxford, I am surely convinced that all I need to hear is drum and bass anyway. Don't worry, I'm not talking the stuff you hear coming from the blacked out Chav-mobile that threatened to run you over the other day. This is more evil than that. And is certainly dangerous enough to do serious physical harm, it doesn't just pretend to. Like Queens of The Stone Age playing thrash on speed (sorry, hard to describe; in a league of their own), I've never watched a band give so much on stage; I don't know where they get their energy from because I barely had the energy to watch them. The crowd pleaser definitely being recent single "Romantic Rights", this was the most intense, sexy and compelling show I have ever witnessed, certainly from two men favouring large moustaches and flat caps who worryingly remain strangely attractive. Be amazed and maybe a little afraid. But, next time they play a town near you, be there.

Anna C.