The Dawn Parade at Leicester, The Shed, June 2002, by Anthony Gibbons

taken from The Fly

Yes the venue really is called The Shed, it looks like an American diner and plays Rage Against The Machine all night long. It's no wonder, then, that most people have escaped to the bar downstairs, but they soon come running back when Cambridge-based The Dawn Parade take to the stage. Why? Well maybe it's something to do with the fact that, in their minds at least, The Parade play every gig like a stadium rock gig, appear to have access to the Devil's best tunes and have a drummer who looks like he should be in Motley Crue. Either that or it's just frontman Greg's tight-fitting leather keks, which have the girls swooning in delight.
Undoubtedly though it's the music which drags us away from the bar, taking in Suede, The Clash, The Manics and -oh yes indeed - Bruce Springsteen. Not yer average, run-of-the-mill indie-schmindie rock band then. The music of The - as yet unsigned - Dawn Parade is ambitious, grand and glorious, and demands to be heard. One listen to the lovelorn "Moonbathers" or the epic "January Sky" is all it will take. Resistance is futile - you will fall in love with this band.