The Datsuns-Boat Race- 19/9/2002
By Rory johnson

Kiwi rockers from hell?
Did anyone else see the crazy more-bounce-than-a-duracell-bunny-old-school-sideys-veteran-rocker at the boat race last night? No? Too busy having your eardrums blown out by some fierce top-volume kiwi rocker bully? No? Too slow to get a ticket? One pack of Kleenex coming your way then…
Don’t cry too much though – these lads look like they’ll be making trouble in our playgrounds for quite some time… The Datsuns certainly have the stamina for it anyway - It’s their screeching lyrics, thumping drumbeats, boundless energy, and catchy riffs (that’ll go round your head for weeks) that has got my ears ringing, and is catching all the attention. No wonder it sold out.
Since playing here a few weeks back, they’ve been to Reading and Leeds, Glasgow Green, signed to a major, and continued their whistle-stop UK tour promoting their first general release single “In Love”, due for release on September 23rd. The title may sound a touch soft and furry, but don’t be mistaken, it’s just rough cut and spiked guitar thrashing for the duration.
Lead singer Dolf may not have produced a single audible word in the entire set (except the infamous chorus “motherf***er from hell”) but his howled lyrics fitted easily with the tone of the night. From the cheesy ‘stadium rock’ opening, performance could only get better, and MY! How they did. Heat, hair, and broken strings ensued, and guitar solos as free flowing as the sweat in drummer Matt’s hair.
The Boat Race (apparently their new home-from-home while they’re in this part of the world), although packed, seemed a fairly meagre venue for a band with such intense volume, guitarist Christian struggling to keep all his gymnastic strumming on the stage, and a fairly static crowd forgetting to reciprocate any of the action.
Could they be the saviours of our six stringed worlds? Maybe, just maybe - but we wouldn’t sound like the NME would we? So probably not with the likes of pop idols stealing too much the limelight…

Funky cold madeena - tone loke?