Curiosa Festival
West Palm Beach, Florida, June 24th

By Jules Sarah

It is well known that the average concert goer couldn't care less when it comes to virtually unknown opening bands, also known as ‘second stage bands.’ Well for those that didn’t care, they missed out on the likesof Mogwai, The Cooper Temple Clause, and Auf Der Mar.

The opening bands for the Curiosa Festival which was held in West Palm Beach, Florida on June 24th,
included Head Automatica, (featuring the lead singer formerly of screamo band, Glassjaw) Auf Der Mar, (former Smashing Pumpkins and Hole bassist, Melissa Auf Der Mar’s new solo project), Scottish band Mogwai, dance punks – The Rapture, Thursday, and of course the almighty Interpol, all playing exceptional sets.

With turbulent sets from The Cooper Temple Clause, The Rapture, Auf Der Mar and subtle yet meaningful sets from Mogwai, and Interpol it was certain that this festival was a success.

Coops do it again!

The most under-rated band of the night was, without a doubt, The Cooper Temple Clause. The Coopers launched into their thirty minute set with an old favorite, 'Did You Miss Me', from their freshman album, See This Through and Leave. The rest of their performance was made up of songs from their second album, Kick Up the Fire and Let the Flames Break Loose. By the end, their hyperactive and unique closer 'Promises, Promises' had the beguiled audience, which had massively gathered around the second stage, lusting for more.

Headliners The Cure, playing to a sold out venue, were magical to say the least. Intertwining a blend of new songs, including 'Lost' and 'Labyrinth', with a slew of band defining old favorites such as, the vibrant 'Just Like Heaven' and 'Pictures of You', they left the crowd wanting more. Robert Smith and crew returned for an encore and little was needed to entice old fans as well as new ones with such hits as 'Boys Don’t Cry', 'Love Cats', and 'Why Cant I Be You.'

Despite poor ticket sales for other concerts
including the cancelled Lollapalooza, and the upcoming ‘metal militia’ Ozzfest, the Curiosa festival seems to be well on its feet. As well it should be. Where else can one go and witness a worth while mini “Brit Invasion” of sorts? All in all, The Cure and company were Just Like Heaven.

Old Fatty Smith