Crash Convention : "Watch Committee" / "Thick As Thieves"
(Irresponsible Records)

Crash Convention have been described as a cross between "The Libertines and At The Drive In" and as the missing link between The Sex Pistols and The Cheeky Girls, if such a thing were needed! This last comment came from one Carl Barat who made them his Single of The Year before they'd released a thing. Crash Convention are a mess of pure energy and excitement with an ear for a top tune, and seem to be one of the most tantalising prospects on offer for the new year. This new double A sided single "Watch Committee" / "Thick As Thieves" shows Crash Convention's ability to take the song writing nous of a Ray Davies or a John Lennon, inject it with a vodka fuelled rush of energy and so create a sound that leaves everyone gasping and breathless. Catch them on tour early in 2005, details on