3 Track Demo

This three-track demo (three tracks, three band members. - a Theme Develops) from Cambridge's Cosy Cosy is ten minutes of sheer delight. Spring-loaded pop songs with all-out bounding verses subside into the brief restraint of a
bridge. before the whole thing explodes again into a quirky, contagious exuberance of boy-girl vocals(Drill a hole into your head/And smoke a fag
through that instead), scuzzy guitars, taut,snapping drums and far more than the regulation quota of Woo-woos, Ooh-oohs and Yeah-Yeahs. There's almost more backing vocal than lead vocal to it, and this is a GOOD THING because random tuneful vocal noises are simply SUPREME, they add a delightful irreverence to the tunes they're invading with their meaninglessness. Nothing gets across that 'You Know you Love It' attitude like someone shouting "YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!" over and over again while a guitar howls in the background, and if you can get a few WoooOoooWoooOooooOoooos in there as well then all credit to you. And with this demo Cosy Cosy have
taken noise-vox to the far edge of perfection andpushed it over. It's a yelping, whooping, head-over heels-runaway-train joyous gem of a cd, it's
pure delightful fun and it will make you smile and jump around waving your arms your head.


By Holli(l)y