Zen Motel, Scarlet Soho and Girls on Top
Bubble gum slut bring the sleaze to club 85 for CD launch party 13/9/03

Zen Motel started of the night with a sleazey, punkier take on the whole rock vibe. Some good wah work and dual vocals mixed in with good tunes and
some really memorable (if not too basic) lead guitar work. A nice tight sound for a three piece and catchy vocal melodies. Playing on the nicer
sound of sleaze and coming across with a heavier punk influence than traditional rock and sleaze. Fun to watch but not quite creating the vibe.

Scarlet Soho are one of the rare number of bands out there that can create sex appeal without actually doing anything. I've never been a massive fan of synths and processed drums but these guys really nail it when it comes to the sounds and their uses. There are few bands travelling this Electro rock glam route and even fewer that are doing it right. (if you disagree I'd like
to see the band you're talking about) Scarlet Soho's sound is a diverse and complex one often made up of simple parts meshing together to create
something very strong. Switching between guitars and bass and the two synths and guitar there was a good amount of variety in this band and i would nail it down as one of their strong points, With harsh sounding rock track nestling alongside epic soundscapes that then themselves turned into
something different. Electro rock without the pop or the disco glam. This
band is great.

I don't really know what I can say about Girls on top that won't sound cliched so like everyone else there's no point in even trying. These guys
rocked, Humour, sleaze, good guitar work, and absolutely brilliant front woman and songs about Barbie being a heroin addict. Go and see these guys they aren't just a one trick pony and they do indeed rock it's definitely punk rock and it's definitely entertainment.

By Matthew Turner