Corporation: Blend

For All My Sins / Blew It

Double 'A' Side Single

Corporation: Blend are not like other bands, let's get that straight. To release a single of the magnitude sound-wise and grandiose of For All My Sins / Blew It is an amazing achievement, let alone for a debut single.

The initial dark electro swathes of For All My Sins gradually builds up and erupts into the manic chorus, and it's true to say that nothing else making waves in the current rock climate sounds like this inventive, ambitious four-piece. Blew It is a more aggressive affair altogether, musically not a million miles away from Placebo, complete with a very Axl Rose vocal. Or should we dare say Bruce Dickinson…

Forerunners of the burgeoning 'New Cross' scene ("London's true bohemian quarter"), C:B have huge songs as demonstrated here and literally tonnes of potential. In a world where bland, 'indie' bands and faux schlock-rockers rule the airwaves, perhaps Corporation: Blend's time has come.

Clive Drew

Corporation :Blend and Strollers play at the 'New Art Riot' club night which Clive Drew has organised at the Colony Club in New Greenham Park, Newbury on June 18th. Mail him here for details