All Tomorrow's Parties 2002 - Janeyferr's Diary

Friday 26th - 6:45. For some reason I seem to be awake, maybe it's that mock exam I've got this morning? Fuck is it; it's that this afternoon I'm jetting off to sunny East Sussex for the finest in indie-snobbish extravaganzas, All Tomorrows Parties. Woo! 13:30 I step, or rather stumble in my over laden way, off the (particularly smelly) train to be greeted by a wrinkly man in green. This is Gary, I'm to share a small white box with him for the next few days. 15:45 we've been joined by hairy Matt, stopped off at Victoria Wine, been soaked by a freakish downpour (you should've seen all the kids worry about their hair) and arrived t our chalet. We spend a while exploring/criticizing our surroundings, then get down to the serious business of drinking. After a few rounds of the most lethal vodka and cokes to ever exist we realize it's time to go see Shellac. Then we realize we can't be bothered to move, and have a few more of the aforementioned intoxicant. Now we decide that since a very large bad man from Birmingham couldn't come, but is paying anyway, my Beccy Bear might as well officially be here and have a wristband. We finally manage to stumble down to the venues. Brick Layer Cake. I think he was very good but, more, than that, tall. He shook Beccy's hand, though he didn't look very sure as to why he was. And yes I know that is only one band into the evening, but it is where things become very blurry.. 1:40. Why is Gary in my bed? Urgh!
Saturday 27th - 8:00 Woop woop wide awake! Or not. But then again, surprisingly so. A whole tub of mini hula hoops helps to ease my stomach. Several pints of extra energy tea make me able to see, though a trip to Londis was necessary to get a decent size ceramic drinking vessel. A bath occurred at some point. It was quite cold. Later I realize you have to turn the water heater on in order to heat the water. 1:30. me and Matt have made it to the beach. It's very windy. We don't last long, just long enough for me to get enough of the boys flailing their limbs in a desperate attempt to kick a ball around. We get back to the chalet, Gary is still unconscious. Oop.3:00 We (a term that will now be used generically for me and whoever I happen to be latched on to at that particular period in time) head for the secondary stage, for Shellac. Of course they were brilliant, I don't need to tell you that. They show us an incredible cymbal routine, and pretend to be planes. Todd Trainer looks sexy. I enjoy looking at him. Danielson are very odd looking, in nursies get up. Seems slightly, well, a lot, seedy to me to dress your family in nursies outfits. But then my mind is strange. And then there's Low. Oooh! How very nice! I'm thinking I could maybe just float away into heaven. And then Todd Trainer goes and sits behind me and I swear I have done. Wibblage for the rest of the set follows. When it is time for Rachels, were told it's time to get close to whoever we're near and get conjugal in the darkness. At the time I happen to be sitting with a small nervous long haired boy, and a large boring long haired boy. Both aren't exactly stunning. I choose this moment to fully involve myself in the music…Late evening at some point: MELT BANANA!!!! WOOOO! WAAAH! This is time for some serious dancing! And very fast dancing indeed it is, seen as at times they play 89234 songs in 4 seconds (Okay, a slight exaggeration, but there was 9 in about 3 minutes!). I stagger, somehow, back to the chalet. Gary is still in bed. I make a fone call. Someone I haven't seen for months is here. I head of to a party. I can't really remember, but I think it involved a lot of dancing, crazy Japanese people, someone filming a Channel 4 documentary and the guitarist from Bonnie Prince Billy.
Sunday 27th - 10:30 I awake with aforementioned old acquaintance by my side. Not bad. He shifts off back to his place and then Gary emerges! 15:10 and I'm heading back to the venues for another dose of Shellac. Somehow manage to fall arse over tit and do something awful to my elbow, a lot of blood is involved. By the end of Shellac I feel ready to pass out. Sure enough, I do so minutes later. I feel that it is very important now to take substances that will alter my perception of things are. Maybe that way they won't seem so swirly and giddisome? Well maybe that what I thought at the same 20:00: we stand on chairs to observe the brilliance which is Bonnie Prince Billy. He plays Arise Therefore straight through. I think for half the time I'm about to fall over or pass out, but it is worth it to be sang to by such a man as Will Oldham. Though that beard is mighty scary. The singer girl from Melt Banana stands next to me during The Fall. This was certainly the highlight of the set, which I'm sure was only bearable due to my inebriation. And then the ultimate band of the festival: The Breeders. Some serious jumping was involved here, I can be sure of that because a) I had to leave because I thought the mosh was going to kill me and b) I lost my beloved Bagpuss watch!
Monday 29th - 02:00 I'm in a chalet, hugging someone's leg, and there's a large butch lady doing coke off of a Swiss army knife. And also, I'm very sure she's trying to hit on me. Somehow, time passes, it becomes day. I realize that I was supposed to catch my train at 06:15 and it is now 09:30. Oh well. It gets to 10am and we're supposed to be out, underpaid Filipino ladies are pacing outside our window waiting for our departure. Then we do. The End.