R*E*P*E*A*T presents…

Right Turn Clyde
Anyone taking an interest in the local alternative music scene over the past five years will be oh-so aware of Hofman, The Saffs and Buried Trevor, while everyone else should be ashamed of themselves. Between them they've managed four great albums, hundreds of gigs and have brought literally tens of girls screaming through their teens. What Right Turn Clyde have is one of each. With Ed (Trev) on drums, Chad (Hofman) on bass/vocals and Jazz (Saffs) on guitar/vocals, they're a three piece with a clear aim - to 'rock'. I caught up with Jazz at Strawberry Fair and asked him to lay down the law according to Clyde. 'To re-create our sound, turn on the radio, and the first song you hear think the same but without the talent. We're heavier than the Saffs, less indie than Hofman and better than the Trevs. It's music for ladies who like boys in bands (like our mums).'

Joking aside, if any band have the background, the experience, the ideas and the attitude to struggle to the top of the pile it's this lot. I'm expecting big riffs, heart felt lyrics, rolling beats and a fine line in poor humour. But what of glam and pyrotechnics? 'The others wont let me wear make-up', Jazz grins, 'and we can't afford pyros… yet.'