Bumped off for a quick Profit?

'The Boat Race in Cambridge will be closing towards the end of January for a substantial refurbishment to improve the facilities and meet the demands of the surrounding developing area. We are currently unsure of closure dates as we are liaising with a number of contractors. Needless to say we will be keen to help the lessee/licensee to promote the site once it is ready for re- opening. There will be a new lessee/licensee for the pub and we cannot yet comment about the style of operation he/she will choose to adopt and whether that includes live music. However, we can say that we hope the pub will appeal to a range of customers, including exisiting ones. Thank you very much for the interest you have shown in the pub, we will endeavour to pass your comments on to the future lessee/licensee.'

The above statement has been released by Enterprise Inns, the brewery behind the Boat Race, in response to questions surrounding the closure planned at the end of Jan this year.

The word is that we may well be losing the Boat Race as a music venue and will gaining another restaurant/wine bar. We at CDS/209 would like to try and impress upon the new guv'ner that losing the Boat Race as a live music venue would be sad to say the least. Recent times have not seemed kind to the old girl for various reasons but adding to the profusion of eateries in Cambridge would be false economy and a massive potential loss to the music and arts scenes in the city.

We are currently gathering names for a petition to submit to Enterprise Inns, urging them and the new gaffer to keep the Boat Race live.

Please mail names and contacts to themachine@209radio.co.uk (contacts will
be kept confidential by CDS/209 until submission to Enterprise Inns and will not used for any other purpose). Please forward this email to all those you feel would be interested.

Feel free to make your polite views known to Enterprise by mailing them at


Karl Hartland (209radio)