Mozzer meets Lydia at the Astoria, 16 March 2004

Well, it was a rather surreal night when Miss Black America played the Rock Against Racism gig with The Libertines at the Astoria. The first thing I hear from a lady making sandwiches is that Mick Jones is joining The Libertines for a few songs. We bumped into him a couple of times (when Cooper famously told the former Clash guitarist he "didn't like The Clash", and declared himself to be "The Metal King"). I digress, so I was holding the door open for someone and would you believe it? It was Mozza! I thought, 'that doesn't happen everyday' and got Yalson to double check it definitely was Him.

What can you say to Morrissey? Nothing. So I sat down and said something like 'Can I just have my photo taken with you and then I'll go' and he was the perfect gentleman. He'd have signed the top I was holding; only neither of us had a pen. Needless to say this experience has made me a very happy bunny indeed. Some prime groupieing from me *pats herself on the back*.


He does look fucking great!