The revolution may or may not be televised. It will definitely be screened... "Live In New Cross" - new music profiles and documentary by acclaimed film makers DIGITAL SNEAKERS - A slice of 21st century music history captured for posterity. These films are now ready and looking for places to be screened/publicised.

Live footage and candid profiles, shot Oct-003 at The Paradise Bar in New Cross featuring 3-5 minute profiles of 13 unique movers'n'shakers of the rock'n'roll underground : Art Brut, Bloc Party, Chris T T, Coast, Corporation:Blend, The Crowd, Ludes, The Miggs, My Red Cell, New Rhodes, San Sebastian, Special Needs, Twisted Charm - and a 25 minute documentary on the new British invasion (of Britain!) featuring the above bands plus Mark Morriss of The Bluetones, Maxi & Nelsta of King Adora, Joe & Joe of Angular Records, Mark Beaumont of NME, (and a horse!) they, a host of DJs, friends, local pirates, fairies and nutters got together and created a new borough as a piece of art where they then staged d.i.y. events at Pop Of The Tops club, where such bands play up close and affordably every week. These are the results. Explosive live performance, shooting from the hip opinion and the intense passion driving the underground overground captured for posterity. All 13 bands (and many more that play there) have developed and moved on very noticably already!

Within nine months of the above (legendary!) gigs, the activities of too many music fans (Music Tourist Board) to be ignored, had given birth to the new wave of New Cross - a mix of art, music, word, multi culturalism, London's cheapest and "Totally UnLondon" borough and a colourful, radical history... "the kind of autonomous, get up-and-go counterculture not seen since punk" (nme). The first definite art-rock movement of the new millenium is in it's infancy, but the ripples are already becoming waves. This is a fraction of the iceberg tip. In South East London and and other uncool parts of Britain, a d.i.y. music media/industry revolution thriving. Digital Sneakers are at it's core.

"Live In New Cross" will also be one of the music visuals at the mini-music-festival coming together in South East London for this September. Fully information to follow, but the d.i.y. idea has already attracted submissions from major bands.

For more information on "Live In New Cross" contact Caffy St Luce 079 6206 0126
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Acclaimed filmmakers the Blaine Brothers decided to revolutionise the way music is presented in the pixelated form. Long time Blaine collaborator Zee Ahmad and the new kid Adam brown were recruited over a football match and Digital Sneakers was born.

Right time. Right place. Right attitude.

Months were spent working the arse end of London venues looking for artists who deserved the Sneaker Vision. Eventually after the dirge of New York and Detroit wannabe’s packed up and left town Special Needs and Popin Speakers were unearthed and things started to take shape. Since then they have worked with a wealth of emerging talent and their promo for Art Brut’s “Formed a Band” was voted number number two in MTV’s top five cartoon videos. Not bad going for less than a year's work...!

The latest Digital Sneakers short film, "Free Speech" staring Danny Dyer and Jacqueline Oceane is in competition for the Ascent Media Short Film Award at the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. The film, produced by Barrington Paul Robinson for Red Bag Pictues and shot, as you might expect, by our regular camera hero Oliver Russell also features music by XFM favourites Special Needs and was shot on HD equipment from the Cruet Company. If you would like to meet the Blaines at one of these screenings then please contact via

For more information on "Live In New Cross" or to express interest in showing clips on line, screening at a venue/gig etc visit or
contact : caffy st luce 079 6206 0126

Pop Of The Tops club (musicians, artists, photographers, film makers, fanzines, flyers, pirates & fairies - and their friends) always welcome!

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