Bush and Blair's Smoking Gun...

This came to my attention the other day and I know the US media will be doing a great job getting the word out (cough cough) so here it is again. It appears the US and Britain began the invasion of Iraq a full 6 months before the official 'kick off' by intensifying the bombing they have done on the country since 1990 in an attempt to force Saddam to react and thus give an excuse for war. 'the facts were being fixed around the policy.' They had decided to invade irrespective of whether he abided by the UN and US demands (which you may remember he did).

So take a look at the attached. I have highlighted the telling parts. Then go to www.afterdowningstreet.org/ and from there you can hassle your representatives to do something about this. It's the smoking gun allright but unless people do something to make something happen nothing will happen to bring Bush and Blair to account. Of course, they've both won reelection since these events but still, you gotta try, right?

Phil Rose Esq