Bernard Manning cancels BNP gig!

Stop the Nazi Red White and Blue 'festival'!
Assemble 8am, Saturday 16 August, opposite Rose County Foods, Gisburn Road,
Sawley (near Clitheroe, off A59)

The BNP have been claiming that 'comedian' Bernard Manning will be appearing at their Red White and Blue 'festival'.
But Bernard Manning is furious and claims he knew nothing about it. He said " I don't know about any BNP nonsense. I would not do it anyway. Do you
think Im f*****g barmy?"
Anti racist comedians including Mark Steel and Mark Thomas are circulating an open letter to Manning. The letter states, " The BNP's so-called "family festival" was exposed by the BBC's Panorama as an event that encouraged Holocaust Denial and preached race hatred. We are disgusted that someone in our profession would associate themselves with the BNP and would urge Bernard Manning not to lend his support to them."
Anti Nazis and anti racists will keep up the campaign against Manning 'performing' at the BNPs festival as Manning's manager Chris Graham thinks
there is nothing controversial with Manning 'performing' at the Red white and Blue. He said "surely it's just the same as playing at a Labour or Tory Party event?"

Keep the pressure on Manning and his manager, call Chris Graham on 01244 571 708.