A Letter to the Press

Dear Sir,

I'm sorry if it is a drag for the pro-war crowd (if there still is a pro-war crowd) to hear people compare like for like like this but I think it needs to be done. We can be saddened and disgusted by the bombing in London but we cannot be surprised or angered unless we are also surprised and angered by the attacks on Fallujah and Baghdad. On Septemmber 11th 'we' were attacked and our response was to go and invade a totally uninvolved country and kill many thousands of civillians with bombs. The hypocrisy of the media crying foul, of the Blair-Bush circus turning pink with anger that these violent bastards would use the same tactics on innocent civilians in Britain that British and American violent bastards have been using for months on innocent civillians in Iraq and Afghanistan has been nauseating in the extreme. A terrorist is someone wiith a bomb but without an air force. I think Tony Benn said it best when he said 'these poor people (in London) are victims of the war just as were the victims of September the 11th and as were the victims of Fallujah... suicide bombers and Stealth bombers; they both kill civillians for political gain'.

So yes, I'm appalled that these vicious thugs should choose to kill the innocent of my former home city, most of whom would have had the sense to be opposed to Bush and Blair's war of terror, but I'm more appalled by the endless massacre of the innocent in Iraq, most of whom would have been no fans of Saddam Hussein and if possible I am even more appalled by the refusal of the corporate media to link the two together. Such childish naivety is embarrassing, infuriating, unrepresentative and counter productive.

Phil Rose