My Little Rebellion -
kicking against the pricks in Newmarket

Some one has informed me that a little rebellion has been occurring in my home town. The Tories have plastered up big billboards with their usual message of fear. The interesting thing is one billboard says

'How hard is it to keep your hospital


Now considering our Tory council along with a then Tory government closed our A&E unit down. This in a town where racing is its main economy. Who puts
themselves in danger? the stablelads of which my dad is one. Two years ago he fell off and broke his ankle - he had to be carted to Addenbrooks, if it were more serious would the closure of the A&E cost him his life. Now a more appropriate me billboard would be:

'How hard is it to keep your hospital?'

Closed by


A correction must be made - pictures of before and after will be duly sent.

Gordy, The Hope