Green Planet Retro-fit

You know to me at least there seems an obvious solution to the problems the worlds got right now. Oil is running out, the West cuts deals with any nation who can provide it and secure future rights. Our infrastructure is dependent on said depleting fossil fuel and it is also destroying the world's eco systems AND we're ALL in a massive economic depression. SO start refitting the planet to run cleaner and solve all 3 problems. I mean think of solar panels alone, you could pay people to fit them on all houses, to build them, people to train how to fit them, convert factories to make them, and that's a lot of jobs. And that’s just solar energy, that’s not including wind, Geo Thermal and hydro.

As I understand it clean power isn't currently enough to power the world alone BUT if used along side current technologies it could slow the pace till clean solutions like the Z machine or Solar towers are totally perfected. I mean hybrid and electric cars are an excellent example of this. Even planes can apparently be made to run on Liquid Hydrogen.

Also despite the renewable energy is going to be very important in the future, to keep living in the way we’re accustomed we may well have to back it up with Nuclear Power. Nuclear power plants are relatively clean in comparison to old fashioned Fossil fuel burning plants and although there are still many problems with them as we’ve seen recently in Japan they are still relatively safe, and although disposing of waste may be a problem in the far future they are a good solution to the more immediate problems of limited resources and climate change. Pound for pound it makes more sense to start building them AND renewable plants now and as it takes around ten years to complete a power plant, now seems a good time to start. Also it should be noted there’s the cost factor to think of, although clean energy plants are still expensive to build after their set up they become very cheap as they run on an unending supply of free fuel from the sun, geo-thermal, wind or such, and also there’s nearly no waste produced. If we start combining all these different resources there should be enough power to supply all our needs and in them mean time we just need to slow things down right?

Also we as the developed world should be helping the newly industrialized world get set up with green technology from the start. It’s harder for us because we’ve already established our infrastructure but instead of just telling the 3rd world that they need to cut carbon emissions – despite the fact Europe and North America are the main contributors currently – we should invest in their countries and provide the technology they need for clean industry. from the start. Maybe even a “Robin Hood Tax”, as I’ve heard it called, where vast corporations are required to give some of their fortune away to this cause or to other good deeds and charities.

Lastly a lot of the 3rd world is in massive debt to the developed world’s banks and have little or no chance of ever making it back. Often when a country should be declared bankrupt and the debt cleared they are not, but are left hanging on for the rich to milk more money from them; obviously in a situation of desperation a country tries to expand its own industry and infrastructure in any way it can and, without help, this will probably not be by clean power sources. So it should be our duty to balance things out and as we live in the same globe this should be common sense.

Some scientists say it should be possible to have create a world totally run on renewable energy by 2030 - let’s see if it becomes a reality.

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