Fascist Public Servants Exposed as BNP Chickens Come Home to Roost -
Love Music Hate Racism statement

The publication on the internet of the British National Party (BNP)’s entire party membership list should be welcomed by anti-fascists.
The BNP had previously won a court order banning the publication of the list. The reason for this is simple – they know that membership of this fascist organisation remains something to be hidden, not proudly proclaimed. Decades of successful anti-fascist campaigning have ensured that the BNP – despite some limited electoral successes and modest increase in membership - continued to be viewed as pariahs associated with the genocidal politics of Hitler and Mussolini. Despite their efforts to “modernise” (read: lie), they are still known as out-and-out racists who incite violence against non-whites, and as homophobes whose ideas led one former member David Copeland to murder gay people with nail bombs. This is the key problem for their now-outed members in the public services – do we really want racists teaching our kids, policing our communities, or serving in the army?

BNP members in the public services should be viewed as infiltrators, there to promote racism and fascism. Their views are utterly incompatible with their duty to serve all equally regardless of race, gender or sexuality. Trade unions have been successful in kicking out BNP members. The police and prison service already ban BNP membership, and this should be extended to every other public service. Membership of the BNP should be a special case resulting in the sack. They are not a “normal” political party. Their aim is race war and the destruction of democracy, and they are more than happy to promote their right to “freedom of speech” as a smokescreen allowing them to operate and grow until it is too late to stop them.

For many years BNP members have colluded in a disgusting website called “RedWatch” which incites violence against anyone opposing them, publishing their opponents’ names, addresses, photographs and phone numbers. Several of the people named on Red Watch have been violently attacked by Nazi thugs. For the BNP to now bleat about a “disgraceful act of treachery” and “intimidation” against them is rich. This is the chickens coming home to roost.

biggest thug of all
'The orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated or turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the earth is flat ... The "extermination" tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter-day witch-hysteria'.
NICK GRIFFIN, current leader of the BNP

Immediate action is required against those public servants exposed by this episode – even if, despite BNP attempts to spin to the contrary, such ‘respectable’ types clearly form a tiny minority of their membership. Those others named in the list not previously “outed” as fascists will also doubtless find life harder as a result – they should be shunned and argued with, isolated from public life. Unlike the Nazis, we do not seek to physically attack those BNP members published yesterday. The key task for the vast majority in our society opposed to the politics that led to the Holocaust is to continue to form a mass movement that isolates and defeats the BNP politically. Love Music Hate Racism will play our part in that. The presence on the BNP list of a couple of music teachers and a small number of (mostly classical) musicians will particularly anger LMHR supporters and musicians. Music brings people together and at its best creates something new from the synthesis of many cultures. Music has long been a focus of resistance to racism and bigotry and LMHR is proud to continue that tradition. More comments from LMHR-supporting musicians will be published on our website shortly.