Ignorance is Bliss?
A piece adapted from Issue 4 of R*E*P*E*A*T by Steven Wells

Nazis are raising their verminous little heads. Not just in Britain, where their rise is being countered by the efforts of anti Nazis such as The Anti Nazi League who organised last years massive Love Music Hate Racism carnival, but all over Europe. Let’s not call them “fascists” or “Nationalists”. The BNP, the Front National and their demented ilk are NAZIS - as in Adolf Hitler, as in gas chambers. The only legitimate first response to them is disgust. These scumbags have to be stopped.

And what’s that got to do with pop music? Apart from EVERYTHING? Hitler banned jazz in Germany, fans and musicians alike ended up in concentration and death camps, alongside Jews, gypsies, gays and socialists. A BNP government would destroy rock music. OUR music, with its roots in working class black and white America, with its tendency to mix apparently “separate” cultural influences from all over the world, is an anathema to the Nazis.

Can you imagine what the music would be like under a government dedicated to “ethnic purity”? What would we have left? Morris dancing? Not even that. “Morris” is an English corruption of “Moorish”, meaning North African, meaning black. The Nazis have no culture, no art, no music. They are anti-life, anti-human. They hate you, they hate the way you dress, they hate every single record in your collection - every pop or rock record is by definition an anti-Nazi record.

Sometimes this has to be made explicit. The only thing preventing the Nazis from growing further here, as they have elsewhere in Europe, is the determination of normal anti-Nazis. People like us.

It’s time to make a stand.