An interview with Sean of Drowned in Sound

How did DiS come about?

It was a bit of a silly idea really. I wanted to bring together a few e-zines, with their specialism, a few fanzine writers who took forever to get their zines out, a bunch of the most vocal messageboard people and get them writing together. I don't always see the point of one person putting in a helluva lot of work to do a fanzine that only 50 people are going to read when it is possible, what with new-fangled technology, to have 5000 people reading like we currently have.

What do you aim to achieve through the website?

Change peoples musical diets on the face of it. But beneath it all I Really wanna help to affect the world to make it somewhere that i want to live in, where there are amazing, inspiring, radical, empowered people everywhere. I hate all these mopers and whiners; or the top shop mediocrity of saturday evening tv. Why can't there be more depth and substance out there? It's not much to ask for and just waiting for it to happen won't solve anything.

What do you listen to while hoovering?

Usually something funky so i can shake my ass like a loon. Probably the Koreans or Dj Food.

Where did you find the staff and funding?

I didn't like go out recruiting or anything, i just knew people who knew people, who knew people that hated me, and eventually people started wanting to write for the site. Once it was up and the ethos became clear i started getting a mail a week. 2years on and i'm getting a mail a day from people wanting to join and 4 mails on average if it's the weekend.

Funding-wise we only just got a bit of start-up money (sounds a bit weird seeing as we just reached our 2nd birthday!) and are now a limited company. It's the guy who looked after Metallica's european marketing and now manages Simply Red who invested cus he used to run a clash fanzine and *gets it*.

What are the main problems DiS has?

That our staff are all over the place and there are people who write 10 articles a week that i've not even met. And yeah, i guess that we've had a few idiots let loose on the site and that it's hard to keep people motivated and clear about what dis is and what we're trying to achieve. it'll come. if we had someone other than me full-time we'd get three times as much done.

What're the most enjoyable aspects of running DiS?

I think meeting some really amazing people that i'd not usually get to
meet. I only started a fanzine cus i wanted to ask questions that the music press wasn't even asking bands and knowing that people out there are discovering music cus of dis is one of those queazily nice feelings like eating marshmellows and digestives.

What other projects does DiS have going apart from the website?

We're putting on regular nights at the Windmill in Brixton which are going really well. We're looking at getting involved in doing a few more tours (only one we've really done was MBA, Antihero and Engerica) and putting on shows all around the country. It looks like we might be starting a record label and putting out a proper magazine too (we planned to do this in the summer but didn't get enough advertising to make it possible cus we want to do something which has a bit of keep-it-forever type quality, kinda like a historical document, i spose!). We've gotta find ways of bringing some
Money in. We're too far too many record labels scouting jobs and i'm still struggling to pay my rent or eat (have to work shit other jobs to do that!)

How can people get involved?
Just drop us a mail via or me directly but bare in mind i get about 500 emails a day and actually have better things to do than stare at a screen for 26hours in a row...

And finally - what's best, chips or cream buns?
Chips... now if you had said chelsea buns i'd be a toughen. That probably makes me a serial killer.